Sunday, 9 September 2012

How to Set Up IMAP on a Nokia N95 Phone

Go to Messaging -> Options -> Settings -> Email -> Mailboxes and add a new mailbox. Follow the Wizard.

Select IMAP4:

For the email address, add your gmail id. It will be a good idea to copy the email id to your clipboard now as you will be typing it a couple of more times. (Select the text, hold down the pencil key till copy appears on the left soft key. Note that pencil key is available only on certain models like the N95)


On the next screen, type as your incoming mail server.


For the outgoing mail server, type


For the Access Point, select a predefined one or leave it at “Always ask”.


On the next screen, give a name like Gmail etc., This completes the basic settings, but you need to specify the port and security settings also.


Click on the Gmail mailbox and select ‘Connection Settings’.



Select incoming email settings:


For the username, enter your full email id as in


Type also the password. Scroll below to select Security (ports) and choose SSL/TLS.


Make sure that the Port is set to ‘user defined’ and 993 and security is selected as SSL/TLS.  Now go back and select outgoing email settings: Again type in your email id and password. Then scroll down to change the security and port settings. Select security as StartTLS and port as 587.


Thats it! You are done! Go to your main screen of Messaging application, select Gmail and select “Connect”.  You can see all the new mails you received in the last 3 days.

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