Sunday, 1 July 2007

Enabling Wi-fi on E-System Laptop - Ralink 802.11 WLAN (PCLinuxOS)

1. Copy file rt73.INF to Linux Desktop

2. Hit klicker and goto "system>configuration>Configure Your Computer".

3. Type in password.

4. Goto "Network and Security"

5. "Set up new network interface".

6. "Wireless"

7. "Use a Windows Driver (with ndiswrapper)".

8. "Install a new driver"

9. Navigate to rt73.INF file and follow steps.

Backing Up Partitions With Partimage

1. Boot up the Linux System Rescue disk.

2. To mount the partition you intend to create the image on, NOT the partition to be copied, at the prompt type:

$ mkdir /mnt/sda2
$ mount -t vfat /dev/sda2 /mnt/sda2

This will mount
3. Confirm its mounted OK with:

$ df -h

You should see the device and mount point listed, with file system and free space etc.

4. Start Partimage with:


5. Partimage GUI is mostly self explanatory except for exactly how to enter the destination file. Refer to for more detail and screenshots.

After selecting the partition to be backed up, TAB to the next section - 'image file to create/use'. Type in the destination as follows...