Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Installing ISA 2.X Using Wine

Installing ISA on Linux.

Download the files of ISA 2 and the additional modules you want from here.......

Install these files with wine with the command:

wine /path/to/the/installer/ISA_basic_v20_RC5.exe

......or if preferred, right click on the installation files (the main program file first), and choose "open with" and type in "wine". The other modules install in the same way.

The program will not start yet, because you need also two dll's, so uncheck the "launch" box, and click on "finish". Copy msxml3.dll and msxml3r.dll from windows or download them from the web. To reduce error messages the files riched20.dll and riched32.dll are also needed. Drop these DLLs in the drive_c/windows/system32 of your .wine folder.

Start 'Configure Wine' from your applications menu or type on the terminal: winecfg

Add ISA.exe (default location: drive_c/Program Files/ISA2) to the Applications tab of the configuration tool, and choose "XP" as your Windows Version. Select 'ISA.exe' on this tab and switch to the Libraries tab. Add to the list: msxml3, riched20 and riched32.

Now you can use ISA 2. Start it from your application menu when you allow the installer to create shortcuts there, or change to the wine directory where ISA is installed (~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/ISA/ and start it with wine ISA.exe.

Only the help function doesn't work, because a required dll is broken down. This is tested with wine-0.9.49 and some versions ago (but seems to work on 0.9.56).

Wine doesn't have enough fonts to display ISA 2 such as Windows does. To make it so, add Times, Arial, Symbol and Courier to drive_c/windows/fonts, but you could make your own choice. As default Times is used to display the Hebrew words and Symbol is used for the Modern greek font mode of the NT text.

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