Monday, 31 December 2007

Screen Resolution and Refresh Rate

On installing Linux, often the screen resolution displays incorrectly, as does the screen refresh rate. The first step is to install the correct drivers. This is done in Mepis by using the "MEPIS X-Window Assistant". Under nVidia, choose "nVidia (new)" before clicking "apply". The software should automatically download and install. Restart the x-server.

To set the correct resolution simply boot to the Live CD, choose 1280x1024 from the GRUB menu (by pressing f3) and let it install. Once it has booted, go again to "X-Window Assistant" and under the "repair" tab choose "copy the current xorg" configuration, altering the destination as applicable. Restart your computer.

To set the resolution correctly simply define the parameters of your monitor in the "X-Windows Assistant". For the "Neovo F-417" Monitor the refresh rate is 75Hz vertical and 80kHz horizontal (vertical 50Hz - 75Hz/horizontal 24kHz - 80kHz). Click on "apply" and restart the x-server.

NOTE: Although the refresh rate still shows as 50 to 60Hz in the Control Center>Peripherals> Display>Size and Orientation section, checking out the on screen refresh rate will show that all is as it should be, and that this is a just a false reading.

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