Friday, 8 June 2007

Enabling Wi-fi on E-System Laptop - Ralink 802.11 WLAN (Mepis 7.0)

1. Copy the files rt73.INF, rt73.sys and Dr71WU.sys to a folder on your Linux Desktop (rt73.INF can be found in the Windows/inf folder. The others in the Windows/System32/Drivers/ folder).

2. Open the folder in konqueror and press F4. Log in as su.....

ndiswrapper -i rt73.INF
#There should be no response if this worked

rmmod ndiswrapper
modprobe ndiswrapper
#unloads & reloads ndiswrapper

ndiswrapper -l
#see if ndiswrapper accepted the driver, found the hardware, and if there is an alternate driver that may need to be blacklisted)

ifconfig -a
#shows all network interfaces, a working ndiswrapper will show up on wlan0

3. Go to System/Mepis/Mepis Network Assistant. Set Interface Configuration Mode to manual. Under the Wireless tab enter your SSID information and WEP information. Click apply and reboot machine

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